Rosalie Bryant

True Kingdom Ministries is blessed to have Prophetess Rosalie Payton Bryant on our staff. She and my wife Shucula have known each other for many years. Prophetess Bryant is also the author of A Spiritual Buffet  (“This book is made up of ten messages that I have posted on my web page where many people over nations have read and is still reading that I have chosen to put into a book so that they can buy and give or read in one setting.”) and is available from


I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in January of 1939 . My parents were Eli and Orelia Payton. I have three sisters and two brothers. My daughter, who lives in Philadelphia, PA, is Theresa Payton. I also have three grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and one foster son who I raised. I lived in Mobile, AL for a number of years and on October 7, 1980, the Lord spoke to me about giving up my unsaved life completely and following Him. This is when He saved me and on that very day filled my with the Holy Ghost. I was called into the ministry in 1983, and in 1985, the Lord sent me to Michigan where I Lived and established a prison ministry for a year. Many souls were saved and delivered. I also had the opportunity to travel to England for a revival as an Evangelist and souls were saved. I came back to the states where I moved to California and lived there for three years and traveled every week to Mexico, helping to feed the needy people and speaking the Word of God to the people there. The Lord sent me back to Alabama in 1988 to Dothan, where I was a gospel radio announcer for 10 years. I also became the pastor of The Living Word of Life Ministry in Midland City, AL. I had a feeding ministry in Midland City where I fed the needy families in that area. I was married for 8 years and my husband went to be with the Lord in 2005. I became a member of a great church, Wings of Deliverance Community Church in Headland, AL under the leadership of Elder James E. Bowers, Pastor. I also provide assistance to the elderly in the area who need help with getting to the doctors and other needs. In March of 2014,  the Lord gave me a new assignment as a Prophetess to the Nations. He said my purpose is that I am chosen as His letter writer to the people. I have regular blogs posted on True Kingdom Corner (formally My density is to continually do the Kingdom Work here on earth for the Lord, until He calls me home to be with Him.